Schooling at Home

In July of 2019, New York State called for a surprise vote to annul the ‘Vaccine Religious Exemption’. Afraid of low percentages of vaccine adherence in that state, California also unfortunately was able to annul the statutes for Religious Exemption earlier in 2019 as well.

This occurred essentially due to fear of the borrowed theory of ‘Acquired Herd Immunity’ assumed to apply only among those vaccinated (rather than as attained among those who ‘naturally’ obtained immunity through overcoming normal childhood illnesses).

Aside from the extremely difficult to obtain ‘Medical Exemption’, the only option for parents not wanting to vaccinate their school-age children in these and other states without an exemption option has become homeschooling.

These are some relevant links to articles online about homeschooling in light of these challenges. Content from these linked articles and other resources may eventually be expanded on this site as individual posts.

How Impersonal Vaccine Laws Play Out in Real Life: New York’s Repeal of the Religious Exemption:
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New York State Vaccine Requirements:
https://.. [see full text]

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